Fiesta, Fandangos and Song-Dances: From the Old Iberia and the New World

Fiesta, Fandangos and Song-Dances

30 Apr 2018


Venue : Concord, MA (Private)

This program features Iberoamerican dances and song-dances such as folias, chaconnes, the jácaras and the fandango from the Renaissance to the present. The continuum of music comes from the Spanish early Cancioneros (songbooks) in old Iberia to contemporary folk and popular music from South America, contradanzas and dances from Mexico, Venezuela, and Colombia. Performers will switch from the European viola da gamba and Renaissance guitar to the Venezuelan cuatro to illustrate similar yet distinctively different sonorities and the rhythmic and harmonic connections between the continents. Music by Anonymous, Encina, Ortiz, Machado, and others.

Rumbarroco is an ensemble of acclaimed artists from different latitudes, led by Laury Gutiérrez. Here they combine religious and popular music from past and present —chant, Baroque music, and Latin— creating a delicious Latin-Baroque fusion.

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