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    Sep 23 2019


    6:30 pm

    Latin-Baroque Fiesta: Rumbarroco’s Outreach Festival (Cambridge, MA)

    To honor National Hispanic Heritage Month this Fall, Rumbarroco is introducing an exciting educational series of free outreach concerts to several local communities. Rumbarroco is a multicultural fusion ensemble that draws from Spanish and Portuguese music of yesteryear and connects it with the contemporary popular and folk music of Latin America. Acknowledging Latin American heritage and the region’s incredible synthesis of African, Arabic, and European traditions, Rumbarroco will share its Latin-Baroque sound with schools, libraries, and other institutions.Dominican merengues, Spanish recercadas, and Puerto Rican plenas blend into a toe-tapping whole that teaches the audience about both these rich styles and cultures.Rumbarroco’s outreach concerts focus on active learning and allowing individuals to interact with both the music and the musicians. We perform a piece, provide concise historical and cultural background while answering student questions, and then return tothe music, allowing the students to participatethrough singing, clapping, and body movement. Rumbarroco also offers a “show and tell” with their historical and ethnic instruments onstage, explaining and demonstrating them and making connections back tothe history of this music.Rumbarroco is an ensemble of acclaimed musicians from different countries and backgrounds, brought together by the desire to make a difference with music in the world. We recreate, preserve, and popularize diverse multicultural aspects of the rhythmic and harmonic interconnectivity that has persisted in and transformed Ibero-American music from the Middle Ages to today. In our performances, we combine music from the pastand present—including Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical compositions from Europe and America along with Latin American folkloric and contemporary works—to create a vibrant Latin-Baroque musical fusion. A native of Venezuela, founder and director Laury Gutiérrez isa Brandeis University resident scholar and a fellow at Harvard University’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. Be sure to check for other exciting events and news!

    You can also contact us at or (617) 461-6973