La Donna Musicale is a non-profit research, education, and performance organization devoted exclusively to the discovery, preservation, and promotion of sacred and secular music by women composers. The ensemble uses period instruments and historical performance practices.


AfroBaroque Music & Latin America on tour with Rumbarroco…

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage, we will illustrate the intersection of early European music with the aural African and Amerindian traditions and the resulting link with current Latin-American genres, the African diaspora in Latin America and its lasting musical legacy in Ibero-American music, and the fusion of art music or “learned” music with folk and popular forms.

Using musical texts from the 17th and 18th century such us the Trujillo Codex and guitar treatises by Santiago de Murcia and Gaspar Sanz, we present the European, Amerindian, and African traditions that have survived in scores, recreating them through current performance practices of Afro-Latin music traditions in Bolivia, Peru, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. We tap into our collective musical memory to blend past and present, connecting current Afro-Latin dances such as the Hatajo de NegritosJoropoSaya, and Plena with African-influenced dances such as the Cumbe, early Zarabanda, and Zarambeque in performances informed by both history and folklore.

Also in the program: Early vocal music from Spain and Mexico, with texts from the Iberian Cancioneros that depict black women in endearing terms and connected Latin American dances and instrumental improvisations.


Adriana Ruiz & Daniela Tosic, voice

Lisa Brooke, violin

Eduardo Betancourt, Venezuelan harp

Ricardo Matute, percussion

Laury Gutiérrez, viola da gamba & Renaissance guitar

and guest performers

AfroBaroque Music & Latin America Tour

Friday, October 1st, 2021 at 7:30 PM

Ripley Chapel, First Congregational Church of Winchester

AfroBaroque Music & Latin America Tour

Saturday, October 2 at 3PM

Studzinski Hall, Bowdoin College

AfroBaroque Music & Latin America Tour

Friday, October 22 at 7PM

Church of the Covenant

AfroBaroque Music & Latin America Tour

Florida International University’s Music Festival 2021

Sunday, October 24 time TBD

Herbert and Nicole Wertheim Performing Arts Center

AfroBaroque Music & Latin America Tour

Saturday, November 6 at 7:30

Cambridge Boat Club, MA (private event)

AfroBaroque Music & Latin America Tour

Sunday, November 7 at 3PM

Traina Center for the Arts and Razzo Hall, Clark University, Worcester, MA 

Open to members of the Clark campus community. Live stream worldwide

Outreach Programs

La Donna Musicale and Rumbarroco are preparing a program featuring the Morena (Black woman) in the Iberoamerican and New World repertory.More details forthcoming.

La Donna Musicale, Pioneering the Path for Historical Women Composers and Rumbarroco’s Latin Baroque Fusion

Our 2020–21 Season


A combination of pre-lecture concerts, live interaction with the ensemble, live performance snippets, and pre-recorded performances  in which we re-invent both ourselves and Early Music.

Celebrating Maria Teresa Agnesi’s 300th birthday. Exploring both Africa’s lasting musical legacy and current Latin American sounds. Delighting you by the fusion of European Early Music with South American folk and popular forms in our program “Black Villancicos” Tapping our feet to our “Fandango” program. And as always, honoring minorities and presenting educational programs for youth.

ladm.org and rumbarroco.orgo.org

Celebrating women’s history month with:
Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre (1665 – 1729)