Two Sopranos – Male & Female: Early Works by Women

“La Donna Musicale and Laury Gutiérrez, have built up a devoted following over the years, and they completely deserved the enthusiastic response they received.”

– The Boston Musical Intelligencer, October 2012

“La Donna Musicale gives women their due.”

–, September 2011

“Male or female, dead or alive, the bottom line was music of great beauty and power.”

– Clef Palette, March 2011

“It’s all about women power”

– Daily Gazette, October 2010

“The variety of instrumental combinations worked beautifully with the talented vocal soloists throughout the performance.”

– Viola da Gamba Society of New England,Spring 2009

La Donna Musicale: Erudite, Spirited Prodigal Son

“Rossi’s (…) opens her work up to the erudite, spirited advocacy of La Donna Musicale… a triumphant modern premiere… incredible concert.”

– The Boston Musical Intelligencer, March 2012

La Donna Musicale’s Passion and Virtuosity

“Here was music of such grandeur that it ought to be heard in Symphony Hall!”

– The Boston Musical Intelligencer, July 2011

“. . . a great victory in bringing her (Agnesi) – in this opera (Sofonisba) – back to life.”

– The Boston Musical Intelligencer, March 2011

“Hardly any other ensemble in the world is so distinguished by both scholarly research and performance”

– Radcliffe Institute, June 2009

“Scholar plucks composers out of the dark”

– Harvard University Gazette, March 2009

“On a quest to give female composers their due”

– The Boston Globe, August 2008

“Group shares lost works by lady composers”

– Arizona Daily Star, September 2008

“Scholar plucks composers out of the dark”

– Harvard University GAZETTE online

“On a quest to give female composers their due”

– Boston Globe


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