Headphones – True Wireless jabra Elite 7 Pro


For the things you do.
And the places you go

From taking calls in work mode to shifting off-duty with a chillout playlist, we’re all juggling different phases throughout the day. So building on our 150 years of experience creating world-leading audio solutions, we’ve reinvented true wireless technology to give you better sound quality, clearer calls, longer listening times, and more flexibility in when, where, and how you use it. More freedom, more choice.


Welcome to your comfort zone

Whether it’s phone calls or motivational music, great sound is nothing without great comfort. With Elite 7 Pro, we’ve crammed in more intelligent features but decreased the size, while also re-engineering the in-ear fit and adding frequency-dependent pressure relief vents, for ultimate comfort.

Our anatomically optimized EarGel™ design, incorporates a more tapered, rounded tip, allowing us to deliver a fit that adapts perfectly to your ears.

Don’t just take our word for it – 9 out of 10 Jabra Elite users say they are satisfied with the comfort of their Jabra earbuds*.


Loud and clear

Sometimes it’s not what you say – it’s whether or not they can hear you. Elite 7 Pro are earbuds engineered to free you from annoying noise interruptions, with our ground-breaking Jabra MultiSensor Voice™ technology.

Combining four powerful microphones with an advanced Voice Pick Up (VPU) sensor in each bud, Jabra MultiSensor Voice™ completely reinvents calls on the go.

Sounds complicated, but in real life it means no more squeezing into random doorways to take calls on the street. Automatically activating when it’s windy, VPU sensors use bone conduction technology to transmit your voice via vibrations in your jawbone, allowing our uniquely advanced algorithms to detect and cancel wind and other disruptive noise for the clearest voice experience, literally anywhere.


Best in test. It’s official

Our customers told us they wanted a true all-rounder, with great calls and outstanding music quality, designed for a flexible lifestyle. So we made it our mission to engineer the best on the market, with incredible audio and our new Jabra MultiSensor Voice™ call technology.

Elite 7 Pro has been independently tested against other top of the range wireless earbuds on the market, and come out on top for delivering the best true wireless sound for calls and music anywhere.*

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